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Born and raised in Tampa, Ken Aguiar has been capturing memories for Florida families for more than 25 years. Ken was the camera nerd in high school, and his passion for the craft only intensified as he circled the globe while serving in the military. Upon completion of his service, he returned to Tampa to start his own family -  three precocious sons with his wife Carolyn - and pursue his love of photography.

Ken has the unique ability to create a relaxed environment for his subjects. It's how he's able to morph that fake smile into laughter. Then, naturally, the genuine smile emerges. He likes to call this the "not so perfect, perfect portrait." Simply put, it's about finding true emotion.

From brides to expectant mothers to newborns and beyond, Ken is having the time of his life while recording the special moments in yours. Contact Aguiar Photography today, and preserve your tomorrows before they become yesterdays.

Please Contact aguiarphoto@verizon.net   for information about

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